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Creating images that deepen my questioning about existence has become a powerful way to position myself in the world and start a more sensitive dialogue with others. Through photographs and their multiple symbolisms that mix with the unconscious, I attempt to map through poetics what sounds intangible to me on my everyday activity. These relations between images and thoughts have expanded and become a safe refuge as they free me from the apprehensions that guide the perception of finitude.

I developed the body of my work over four decades, in the intervals of a busy professional life linked to my training as an economist. When this career pointed to its end of its cycle, I decided to organize my photographic collection with the help of curator Eder Chiodetto. It was a great impact for me when I realized that, after many editing exercises, I created images over the course of my journey that invariably showed a pulse of life, the mutation of matter, the vital cycles, the patina of time sculpting the accumulation of days. Images that portray childhood, a flight of birds, trees connecting land and sky, the fleeting beauty of clouds, among others, gradually created a symbolic constellation that reflected my desire to understand where life begins and becomes effective.

This process led to the publication of my first photobook Tempus Fugit (Fotô Editorial, 2020). Since then, incursions through my collection have produced new perceptions and a new essay has been concluded, as seen in the Pipa Prize 2021 image gallery. I continue my self-knowledge journey through images that portray the labyrinths of my existence, and where I hope to create powerful dialogues with people around me. For me, the exercise of art expands my perception of who we are and where we are. Today I realize that every atom preserves the expanding universe in itself. Nothing is finite.

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